Remote Learning

Scholar Assistance with Technology / Asistencia Académica con Tecnología
Need assistance troubleshooting your tech, email, logins, apps, etc fill out this form by clicking the link above.
Necesita ayuda para solucionar problemas de tecnología, correo electrónico, inicios de sesión, aplicaciones, etc. Complete este formulario haciendo clic en el enlace de arriba.




1. Navigate to
2. Click “Login”
3. Enter the school information as shown below:

4. Enter your scholar’s Student ID
5. Enter your password (The initial password for Parents/Scholars are provided by the school. Once you change it you need that to sign in)

If  you have forgotten your password, then it is possible for you to reset the password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” button. This brings up another box where you need to enter in the email that is registered in the DP system. (If you are unsure about this email, please provide us with an updated one by emailing

If you need assistance please email