Thursday / August 27   -   Friday / August 28

Dear Families,

As we begin to plan for the start of the school year and Prep Academy, we are inviting scholars for a Materials Pick Up Day next week. Students should come to campus to receive materials they need for a successful 2020-2021 academic year. 

All scholars and staff will adhere to COVID rules. This means everyone must be 6ft apart, have their mask on and hand sanitizer will be on site. Please bring a book bag along with you to pick up your materials.

Pick up of materials will take place in the courtyard. Please plan to come to your assigned pick up day based on your grade level. 

The dates for pick up are as follows: 

August 27th – 9th and 10th grade | 10-3pm time 

August 28th – 11th, and 12th grade  | 10-3pm time 

Finally, for those who are unable to make either date above, the final day for material pick up will be on Sept 1st from 10-3pm . 

Please contact BPHS with any questions at