2019 Scholarships

Mail Out Day

Mail Out day is a Bronx Prep tradition started in 2006 when its’ very first senior class of 21 scholars walked to the nearby post office to mail out their college applications. To support this accomplishment, the rest of the high school stood in the courtyard cheering on the seniors as they left the school as a group to mail their applications. It is very much a celebration of the “almost completion” of high school and an event that scholars look forward to every year. Bronx Prep has upheld this tradition…and it has grown! The entire school stands outside with individualized banners for the senior class. The staff uses their talents to DJ the entire event. Alumni and former staff members also make guest appearances to show their love and support.

10th Grade College Access:

By the end of this course, scholars will be able to:
Understand and articulate the components of college readiness and develop a plan for preparing for
Understand and apply time management practices by using a planner and developing strong habits
Develop an understanding of self through integration of our DREAM BIG core values
Develop study guides based on your learning style
Develop an ability to communicate, both written and verbally efficiently and effectively
college this year leadership and self-advocacy

11th Grade College Access:

We focus on setting goals and matching individual personalities and preferences with careers and colleges in order to prepare scholars for the college application experience.  By the end of the course, students will have made their college profile, which they will continue to edit over their time at BPHS.  This will include researching careers and colleges, writing essays for the Common Application, developing a resume, and taking a critical look at the goals set at the beginning of the year and determining a plan of action for their senior year.

12th Grade College Access:

By the end of this course, scholars will be able to:
Assess personal academic performance and devise a plan to address areas that need improvement.
Develop and demonstrate several non-cognitive skills necessary for postsecondary success
Understand and apply “college knowledge” to effectively navigate the application and matriculation processes.
Understand the intricacies of financial aid (including the FAFSA application)
Complete all necessary steps to secure placement at their chosen college/university.
Make in-depth, comprehensive connections (and establish relevance) to assigned readings and articles.